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Premiership Betting Guide

Football betting has exploded in recent years, with a whole range of ways for fans to lay wagers on the game. Betting on the Premier League is now not just a question of gambling on who will win or lose games. Rather, punters can lay bets on a whole host of things, whether on events which occur during a match, such as corners or cards, or on the outcome of whole competitions. Finding worthwhile advice on how to bet on football can be difficult for new punters, as they make their way through this maze of information.

Betting on an individual match and its outcome still remains one of the most accessible ways of betting on Premier League football. This can be done online and is usually combined with betting on the outcomes of several matches at once, or by combining a bet on a particular score line with a bet on other factors, like goal scorers. This can be lucrative when you know a lot about the game and it can also bring success if you have an intimate knowledge of a certain team.

Another increasingly popular way of betting on football is to places wagers on small events which occur during matches. This can be based on the occurrence of yellow cards, corners, free kicks or other variables and takes place while a match is being played. This obviously requires you to be watching the game to be really successful. To win big, you need to be able to read games and predict likely patterns. This requires a knowledge only gained by watching a lot of matches at all levels.

The football pools style games can still be played on a variety of websites too. This, in its most basic form, is where players attempt to predict eight score draws on a coupon consisting of an entire weekend`s fixtures across a range of competitions. Anyone familiar with life in the UK before the digital age will doubtless remember their parents or grandparents handing over money and their coupon to a gentleman who called at the door. They would certainly recognise the rules of the game, only now it can be played digitally.

If you are looking for tips for forthcoming Premier League seasons, for the major honours or for individual matches, there is nothing like immersing yourself in the game. Only by understanding with intimate detail all the tactical nuances, likely variables and traits of individual players can you hope to achieve any success as a gambler who focuses on football.

Perhaps the best way to really pick up betting tips though is to head out to your local stadium and watch live football. There is no better way of understanding the kind of probabilities and likelihoods of certain kinds of outcome than attending matches. This will also allow you to see the things that players do that television cannot show, making your betting on individuals better informed. Watch as much football as possible and your bets will start to win more often.

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